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Рабочее зеркало казино Слотозал

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At Slotozal casino, you can get a working mirror by writing a letter to support from your email, which you specified when registering. This will help you find a mirror off-site, if you can not go to him at all. Another argument for why it is better to specify a real, valid email address.

In other cases, if you have access to the site, but something does not work as it should, you can get a working mirror of Slotozal by going down to the basement of the site, selecting the item "anti-blocking", scrolling through the list of options to bypass blocking until the option "letters from Slotozal". Then all you have to do is click on the button "pick up a mirror" and you will automatically be redirected to a new site address, externally everything will be the same, just change the address in the line a little bit.

Slotozal: current mirror

Why does Slotozal need a mirror?

В казино Slotozal зеркало обеспечивает бесперебойный доступ к казино для пользователя, если вдруг оператор связи отправит основной адрес казино в блокировку, то пользователь сможет попасть на сайт с помощью зеркала. Сейчас в России очень сильно ужесточаются блокировки ресурсов, которые не вписываются в рамки законодательства, потому, зависимо от оператора, жители России могут испытывать сложности с входом на сайт особенно часто.

Registration in Slotozal Casino

Slotozal working mirror

As a conclusion, working slotozalcasino mirror can be obtained in several ways:

  • By contacting the support team by email;
  • By writing to the support team in the chat room on the site;
  • By going to the "Antiblocking" section and clicking the "Pick a Mirror" button.

Sometimes the mirror can be redirected automatically while you use the site, do not be alarmed, it is absolutely normal and created for the convenience of users.

In addition to the mirror, you can ease your work with the site, if you explore other ways to bypass blocking, described in the section "Anti-blocking:

  • Use a VPN;
  • Use a tor browser;
  • Turn on turbo mode;
  • Download the mobile app;
  • Turn on notifications in your browser.
Slotozal blocking bypass

The page even includes links to each of the proposed methods from the casino. Vpn can be put any, not necessarily the one offered by the site, but the Vpn in most cases are paid, will require you to incur additional costs. You can install a tor browser, it's free, but it may have problems with performance, may block some scripts. 

Turbo mode in the Yandex browser can help you bypass blocking and save traffic, but it will not work in all cases, because the turbo mode was not designed to bypass blocking in its original design.

The suggestion to turn on browser alerts is better not to neglect, so that you always have a list with up-to-date mirrors from the official source. Who knows at what point something will go wrong and you need to restore access urgently.

The best option is to download the mobile application, on the page immediately attached qr-code to scan and download the application without unnecessary movements. The application will provide all the functionality of the casino inside the smartphone, the application shows good performance, to work in the application you do not need to pick up mirrors.

QR code of Slotozal Casino mobile application


Mirrors are necessary to provide stable access to the site for players. To be able to quickly restore access to the site in an urgent situation, such as during a game, it is better to turn on alerts and have an up-to-date list of mirrors at hand. The best option is to go to play in the mobile app, if possible, as there are no blocking problems there. Register on slotozal, write down the list with mirrors, get welcome bonuses and try your luck!

Registration in Slotozal Casino